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Desires are many, needs are few. Needs can be fulfilled; desires never. A desire is a need gone crazy. It is impossible to fulfill it. The more you try to fulfill it, the more it goes on asking and asking.

There is a Sufi story that when Alexander died and reached heaven he was carrying all his weight-his whole kingdom, gold, diamonds–of course not in reality, but as an idea. He was burdened…

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Life is very simple. Even trees are living it; it must be simple. Why has it become so complicated for us? Because we can theorize about it.

To be in the thick of life, in the intensity and passion of life, you will have to drop all philosophies of life. Otherwise you will remainnclouded in your words.

Have you heard the famous anecdote about a centipede? It was a beautiful sunny morning, and…

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If you can Function as if you have no problems, you will find that you don’t have any problems! All problems are make-believe; you believe in them, and that’s why they are there.

It is autohypnosis: You go on repeating that you are this way and that way, that you are inadequate or incapable. You repeat this, and it becomes a mantra; it sinks into your heart and becomes reality.

Just try to…

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